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Custom Research

Custom studies analyze elements of digital printing/copying, including Print Quality, consumable Yield and Cost, and Ease-of-Use

Printer Test Suites

Use the SpencerLab Printer Test Suite to benchmark Print Quality as well as Throughput Speed and Cartridge Yield

Demo Page Optimization

When potential customers compare your demonstration prints with your competitor's, make sure you have your best print forward

On-Site Seminars

Seminars in your own facility on Color and Print Quality, ISO Yield testing and Cost-per-Print, and Competitive Analysis

Productivity: Utilization & Availability

SpencerLab has developed a patent-pending methodology to accurately measure Availability and actual production time. While identifying the bottlenecks, the SpencerMetrics iDPA system can significantly increase return-on-investment.

Print & Image Quality

SpencerLab has built a premier international reputation on its expertise in evaluating color print quality across the user market breath

Ease-of-Use & Functionality

Excel by anticipating and providing for user needs based on their Out-of-the-Box experience, through setup, initial operation and ongoing usability


SpencerLab is experienced in analyzing and comparing the Reliability of printers, consumables, and media, within test parameters that can range from a typical office environment to specific environmental conditions

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