Why SpencerLab

The SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory is a division of Spencer & Associates Publishing, Ltd.

Since 1989, Spencer & Associates has been dedicated to the pragmatic, timely, and cost-effective resolution of key business issues, regardless of project size. By addressing causes, not just symptoms, we contribute knowledge as well as value. Our approach is founded on exceeding expectations and a commitment to the success of our clients. Our methodologies include:

  • Focused project goals
  • Clearly defined project responsiblility
  • Frequent client communication
  • Thorough analysis and clear presentation of results
  • An uncompromising commitment to integrity


Our hands-on operating and executive experience produces viable solutions that acknowledge each client’s cultural and business realities


Communicating effectively at all organizational levels—executive through marketing, engineering, and product line management—we can rapidly achieve product objectives


One of our significant advantages as a small company, we provide personalized service by working one-on-one with each client with direct executive involvement; our staff is readily accessible by telephone and e-mail to respond to any questions or concerns, promptly and effectively


We understand the business objectives of independent testing, and work with our clients to position the results to their best advantage without compromising integrity; we are simultaneously proactive and team players


Recognizing the need for controlled and unbiased testing, we have developed industry-standard printer test software suites that facilitate Print Quality evaluation—by providing idealized source data, we can expore the limits of the printing device under test; and by designing metrics directly into the test patterns, we can acquire many objective results without sophisticated instrumentation, while establishing the data for more sophisticated analysis when it is available


Advising the color-peripheral industry and performing independent product analysis, we have the extensive base of industry contacts and resources required for timely resolution of complex business and technological issues


We understand the need to work within realistic client budgets—rather than trying to be the lowest bidder, we strive to provide the highest value—our relevant expertise and project orientation produce quality, cost-effective results


We provide services to multiple clients that may be deemed direct competitors—these services are provided on a confidential basis, and the results are not available to other clients or any other entity unless released by the contracting client; by maintaining the integrity of our work and the confidentiality of our clients, we have built a reputation of trust


SpencerLab's global reach means we can help companies no matter where they or their customers are located.

With potential user contact in over 70 countries on six continents, our consulting, and testing and analysis services fulfill the needs of multinational corporations and businesses overseas. Reports and marketing pieces can be customized for specific regions and our website reports are available to all.

SpencerLab: Influencing the Future of Digital Color

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