SpencerLab's broad expertise and international reputation in evaluating digital color imaging products translates directly into value for industry insiders as well as analysts.

Whether you're a product manager at a major printer manufacturer, a financial analyst examining current industry trends, or a litigant in a case related to printing technology, rest assured: SpencerLab speaks your language.

Custom Research

Elements of digital printing & copying don't exist in a vacuum. Employ our knowledge of Print & Image Quality, Ink/Toner Yield and Cost-per-Print, Ease-of-Use & Functionality, Reliability, and more.

Focus Group Management

Utilize our broad experience managing international focus groups, and assess true consumer interpretation of Print & Image Quality, Ease-of-Use, and/or Functionality.

On-Site Seminars

Let SpencerLab educate your staff one-on-one. We give seminars in your own facility on subjects such as Color and Print Quality, ISO Yield testing and Cost-per-Print, Competitive Analysis, and more.

Demo Page Optimization

When potential customers compare your demonstration prints with your competitor's, whether at a trade show or on a sales floor, make sure you have your best print forward.

Marketing SpencerLab Test Results

Study results that show competitive advantages may be used by our clients in marketing messages, and results that show competitive weaknesses are often used to foster product improvement. Let us show you how.

Investment Consultation

Research the company, the competition, the industry, the trends, and the background you need for that investment decision

Due Diligence

Tap into SpencerLab's decades of experience and expertise in printing and imaging technology, products, and markets.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness participation extends from depositions through litigation. We offer expert evidence and testimony in all areas of digital color research, testing and analysis, with comprehensive reporting available as needed.

SpencerLab: Influencing the Future of Digital Color

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