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Throughput speed, measured in Pages-per-Minute (PPM), plays a key role in purchasing decisions—after all, the faster a printing device is, the greater the (perceived) impact it can have on one's productivity. While PPM numbers are often used to compare printing devices within a technology class, methodologies used by manufacturers to arrive at a PPM figure can differ drastically, preventing a true apples-to-apples comparison.

SpencerLab employs a fair test methodology that measures true throughput speed performance within realistic workflows.

True Throughput Speed Performance

True throughput speed performance figures must start from the request to print, and end with the trailing end of the last page falling into the output tray—we measure from click to clunk.

We track the performance of the workstation, the driver, the communication medium, the print controller processor, and all parts of the print engine—all within realistic print workflows.

Realistic Workflows

SpencerLab is mindful of a printing device's target market, and we run our tests from applications representative of that market—an office workgroup printer might be tested from Microsoft Word or Excel, while a wide-format CAD/GIS printer might be tested from AutoCAD or Adobe PhotoShop.

The SpencerLab Printer Test Suite contains a plethora of user-representative documents relevant to all market segments. Employing these test documents in conjunction with our unbiased test methodology, SpencerLab is uniquely positioned to gauge real-world Throughput Speed Performance. Contact us today for more information.

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