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Febuary, 2018

SpencerMetrics Appoints Amanda Hacker to Laboratory Manager

December, 2015

SpencerMetrics Printer Test Suite Version 4.8

is now available

July, 2015

SpencerMetrics Appoints Yutak Kwok to Information Technology Manager

May, 2015

SpencerMetrics Welcomes Steven Antoni

February, 2015

SpencerMetrics Exhibiting at DscoopX

March 5-7, 2015 ● Washington, DC

November, 2014

SpencerLab Printer Test Suite Version 4.7

November 2014 Software Update

September, 2014

Colorfx Gains Over 8% Productivity with SpencerMetrics

SpencerMetrics at Graph Expo

Check out our latest video

SpencerMetrics at Graph Expo

SpencerLab has Announced the release of a White Paper:

Comparative Print Quality and Ink Usage Study

David Spencer presenting at IS&T – NIP30

Digital Fabrication and Digital Printing Conference

August, 2014

SpencerLab Exhibiting SpencerMetrics at Graph Expo 2014

Integrate Productivity Intelligence and Reap the Rewards

July, 2014

SpencerLab Donates SpencerMetrics to Arizona State University

Promoting Productivity Intelligence in Education

June, 2014

SpencerMetrics CHRONO Debuts at IPMA – Milwaukee, WI

It's All About the Timing

May, 2014

SpencerLab Showcasing SpencerMetrics at IPMA 2014

Communicating the Advantages of Productivity Intelligence

SpencerMetrics Vantage

Taking Productivity Intelligence to the Next Level

March, 2014

SpencerLab is a Bronze Sponsor of ACUP 2014

Showcasing SpencerMetrics Productivity Intelligence

January, 2014

Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, Spencer & Associates is Proud to Continue Serving the Dynamic Digital Color Printing Industry

Spencer & Associates has been a leading business consultancy and independent test laboratory for the printing industry since 1989

September, 2013

PRINT 13 - Interview with SpencerLab's David Spencer

PREVIEW: SpencerMetrics iDPA CONNECT & Kodak NexPress

Advancing the Future of Productivity Intelligence

SpencerMetrics iDPA PLUS Introduced at PRINT 13

Advancing the Future of Productivity Intelligence

August, 2013

SpencerLab Showcasing SpencerMetrics iDPA at PRINT 13

A PRINT 13 "MUST SEE 'EMS" Award Winner

Digital Press Availability & Actual Production Study

Xerox iGen4 still most Productive

Frank Romano & David Spencer discuss SpencerMetrics iDPA

Case Study: See how SpencerMetrics iDPA can help an organization like yours

Copy General Gains over 5% Productivity using SpencerMetrics iDPA

July, 2013

SpencerMetrics iDPA Concept to Reality

Read how it all began

May, 2013

SpencerLab joins Xeikon Aura Partner Network

Productivity and Software Tools Available

March, 2013

SpencerLab Announces Winner of its Dscoop8 iPad Giveaway

February, 2013

Industrial Inkjet Cartridges – Reliability, PQ, and Yield

French Translation of SpencerLab White Paper is Now Available

SpencerLab Introduces SpencerMetrics iDPA at Dscoop8

Measure Digital Press Shop Productivity with Anywhere, Anytime Analysis

January, 2013

SpencerLab now a Dscoop Partner; to Exhibit at Dscoop8

February 21-23 in Nashville, Tennessee

November, 2012

SpencerLab Updates its Printer Test Suite to Version 4.5

A Comprehensive Tool for Analysis & Benchmarking of Digital Printers

October, 2012

Availability & Actual Production Digital Press Study

An Updated SpencerLab White Paper

Reliability Assessment – Industrial Print Cartridges

A SpencerLab White Paper

May, 2012

Xerox Unveils New Digital Presses

Democrat and Chronicle speaks with David R. Spencer

SpencerLab Represented at Xerox Drupa Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

February, 2012

Industrial Inkjet Cartridges – Reliability, PQ, and Yield

Mail Addressing Print Cartridges – A SpencerLab White Paper

HP Thermal Inkjet 2.5 Industrial Cartridges Proven Most Cost-effective Choice for Mail Production

Independent comparative test show HP cartridges outperform refill suppliers in reliability, print quality, yield and cost

Availability & Actual Production Digital Press Study

A SpencerLab White Paper

January, 2012

"Key to Profitable Commercial Printing: Digital Press Availability – Maximizing Actual Production Time"

David Spencer to Present at IMI Digital Printing 2020 Symposium

KODAK NEXPRESS Press Achieves Top Photographic Print Quality

A SpencerLab White Paper

SpencerLab White Paper Recognizes KODAK NEXPRESS Press for Highest Quality Photographic Printing

SpencerLab Appoints Jessica Roy to Color Project Lead

Merging Business with Technology

December, 2011

SpencerLab Printer Test Suite – Update to Version 4.4

Providing Essential Tools for Analysis & Benchmarking of Digital Printers TODAY

November, 2011

SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory Promotes Vishal Sahay

Vishal Sahay Appointed Color Project Manager

Digital Print Study Q&A: Press Availability, Actual Production Time

An interview with Catherine Fiasconaro, Director of SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory

October, 2011

Digital Press Benchmarks: Availability & Actual Production

A SpencerLab White Paper

September, 2011

Kodak Captures Highest Rating in SpencerLab Photographic Print Image Quality Study

November, 2010

SpencerLab Printer Test Suite — Update to Version 4.3

Enhancing Analysis and Benchmarking of Digital Printing Performance

July, 2010

SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory Promotes Yutak Kwok

Yutak Kwok Appointed Information Technology Engineer

May, 2010

Initial Print Quality Study of the HP T300 Web Press

SpencerLab White Paper Freely Available

December, 2009

Comparative Print & Copy Quality Analysis of Ink and Toner-Based AiOs

SpencerLab Test Report: Test & Analysis of HP Officejet AiOs and Competitors

SpencerLab Announces Update to Printer Test Suite

Enhancing Analysis and Benchmarking of Digital Printer Performance

July, 2009

Xerox ColorQube 9200 Series Tabloid-Size Solid Ink MFP - A SpencerLab Test Report

Comprehensive Color Print Quality Analysis

April, 2009

Photo Print Quality of Digital Presses - A SpencerLab White Paper

Comparative Photographic Image Print Quality

David Spencer to Present "Can Inkjet Compete with Toner?"

Presentation at IMI 2009 Toner Conference

January, 2009

Spencer & Associates Celebrates its Twentieth Anniversary!

Serving the Printing Industry with Excellence and Integrity

October, 2008

A SpencerLab White Paper - Monochrome Production

Comparative Print Quality Analysis

SpencerLab Printer Test Suite Enhanced with Version 4.1

Enhancing Analysis and Benchmarking of Digital Printer Performance

July, 2008

SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory Receives INCITS Award as Part of the INCITS/W1 Productivity Team

May, 2008

SpencerLab Tests the Stream Concept Press from Kodak

Inkjet Technology is on the Way to Offset Class Print Quality

April, 2008

SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory Announces New Web Site

March, 2008

SpencerLab Printer Test Suite, Version 4 Now Available

May, 2007

SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory Promotes Fiasconaro

Catherine Fiasconaro, Vice President - Operations

February, 2007

INCITS Supports New ISO Ink and Color Toner Cartridge Yield Standards to Help Consumers Make Informed Purchase Decisions

SpencerLab offers Testing of Ink and Color Toner Cartridge Yield per New ISO Standards

SpencerLab Executives Instrumental in Standards Development

February, 2006

SpencerLab Photo Print Quality International Research Results: Consumers and Professional Photographers Prefer...

December, 2004

IT-Enquirer Interviews David Spencer on Photo Printing: Better than Silver Halide

January, 2004

SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory Promotes Fiasconaro

Catherine Fiasconaro Appointed Laboratory Director

October, 2003

Eight-Color Inkjet Prints Preferred by Consumers

SpencerLab Photo Print Quality Research Summary

March, 2003

SpencerLab Photo Print Quality Research Study Released

HP Inkjets Reach Parity with Conventionally Processed Prints

March, 2001

CRN and SpencerLab Announce Strategic Alliance

April, 2000

SpencerLab Wide-Format Study Released: HP DeskJet 1220C & Epson Stylus Color 1160

Throughput Speed Performance & Cost-per-Print

November, 1999

SpencerLab Large-Format Comparative Study: Epson Stylus Pro 9000 vs. HP DesignJet 3800CP Printer

Throughput Speed Performance & Cost-per-Print

February, 1998

SpencerLab Completes Study for Hewlett-Packard Comparing 11 x 17" Color InkJet Printers

August, 1997

Addendum to Workgroup Color Printers Published

April, 1997

Spencer & Associates Forms Sales Alliance with Informatek, Inc. of Japan

Workgroup Color Printers Study Published

SpencerLab: Influencing the Future of Digital Color

Celebrating our 35st year of Service with Integrity

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