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Industry leaders rely on SpencerLab to provide fully compliant ISO/IEC cartridge yield testing services, as well as our premier range of proprietary yield test methodologies. We offer specialized programs that compare consumable yield and associated Cost-per-Print for printing devices of varying technologies: inkjet, solid inkjet, laser, LED, dye sublimation, and more. Our independent certification services add credibility and impact to cartridge performance claims.


Unbiased third-party analyses lend measurable credibility to performance claims. Consider these two statements: which is more compelling?

graph of cost-per-print results
  • “Our Model X printer produces quality prints for 2.2 cents per page.”
  • “In an independent study, SpencerLab verified that our Model X printer produces quality prints for 2.2 cents per page—32% less than Brand A.


SpencerLab presents its research and testing results in clear, non-technical language and graphics that users, potential customers, press and analysts can understand easily. Contact us today for more information.

A Brief History of Yield Standards

In 1991, SpencerLab recognized the importance of a standardized yield test page, and developed what was perhaps the first true 5% digital coverage monochrome test file. Further research and development produced standard color test pages, incorporating the graphics and coverage representative of real user printing—the SpencerLab Printer Test Suite. In addition, our work contributed to the development of numerous ISO/IEC yield standards such as 19752:2004, 19798:2006, 24711:2006 and 24712:2006.

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