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Effective use of SpencerLab research and testing results can yield extraordinary ROI. Study results that show competitive advantages may be used by our clients in marketing messages, and results that show competitive weaknesses are often used to foster product improvement.

For Best Results, Publish Results

With prior approval from our clients, SpencerLab is willing to publish the results of our testing on our website in a summary report or white paper. Clients have also published their own press announcements and provide SpencerLab test results on their web sites.

Certification Logos

Products that meet or exceed SpencerLab's extensive in-house testing and analysis requirements can earn SpencerLab Tested certification. SpencerLab's established integrity can strengthen customer confidence and and position your product to stand out in today's competitive environment.

Innovative Marketing Examples

Many of our clients have used the results of our studies to bolster their marketing campaigns:

Global Reach of SpencerLab

SpencerLab's global reach means we can help companies no matter where they or their customers are located.

With potential user contact in over 70 countries on six continents, our consulting, and testing and analysis services fulfill the needs of multinational corporations and businesses overseas. Reports and marketing pieces can be customized for specific regions and our website reports are available to all.

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