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A key element of our mission is to create and maintain satisfied clients. We strive to understand each client’s real needs, and to satisfy those needs quickly, cost-effectively, and with integrity. We add value by working with our client to refine the project definition, maintain effective communication, and meet our commitments—always focusing on the underlying business objective

Are we meeting our goal?

Thanks again for all your help and for the great work on the project. I hope I have the pleasure to work with you guys again.

—Large-Format Technical Consultant

It's a really nice piece of work.

—marketing executive, major printer manufacturer

I don’t want to jump the celebratory gun, but I do want to offer my congratulations on the paper and appreciation for your work.

—marketing communications, a major OEM consumables manufacturer

SpencerLab team, Awesome job. Please accept our thanks for all your work on this whitepaper. Your professionalism throughout this process has been outstanding, and it has been such a pleasure to work with each of you on the testing, analysis and findings portions of this project.

—program manager, a major OEM consumables manufacturer

It's another articulate Spencer project.

—marketing director, digital printing solutions

You guys are real "pros", it was indeed a pleasure.

—marketing executive, major printer manufacturer

Feedback was great. It was exactly what we needed. A home run. A grand slam. : )

—marketing manager, a major printer manufacturer

Wanted to express my sincere thanks for the job you did for us. Your project manager was very responsive and provided us with an update as the project progressed. What we received is exactly what we were looking for, AND it was within our time frame. Also, want to say thanks for your confidentiality, as well as your ethics related to software rights and privacy.

—marketing manager, division of a major printer manufacturer

Great job on pulling everything together, especially the last few days. I know it's been very hectic and stressful, but I really appreciate all the effort put into the project by you and your team.

—another marketing manager, division of a major printer manufacturer

You ROCK!!! Saved me from coming in this weekend...

—product manager, printer manufacturer

Developing printer test suites is difficult because of all the variables that need to be accounted for. The SpencerLab Test Suite is helpful because it distills down the variables to best practices for different OS and application environments while keeping the user's target document type in mind. This is a good way to go for unbiased printer testing and test support.

—color and imaging architect for a major laser printer manufacturer

I am currenty working with Spencer & Associates and SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory on a very large research project. We have finished two regions, so I feel I have a great deal of experience with SpencerLab. What I find the most valued attribute, that Spencer & Associates possess, is their project management skills. The team is consistently on top of issues and handles problems proactively with good judgement. When issues arise, they come to me with options and their recommendations. In my role, time is very limited, so to have a supplier with this strength is very important.
Another attribute I feel is a great strength is their knowledge of the industry. David Spencer understands our 'language' and is an expert in the print world. I have had the utmost trust in David and his team since this project. I know I will work with them again.

—competitive analysis manager, division of a major printer manufacturer

What I have seen in your follow-up with me over the last couple of months has been very impressive. Besides the fact that I think that you can add value to the whole process, your proactiveness has been very refreshing.

—product manager, division of a major printer manufacturer

Thank you so much for your support of our ongoing projects. Your level of support has been phenomenal.

—product manager, division of a major printer manufacturer

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