Success Stories: Technical Expertise

Future Print Quality Requirements

Providing a significant link in the relationship between cutstomer perception and technical attributes, we established a correlation matrix. We then measured our client's capabilities and compared them to the current state-of-the-art. From this analysis a multi-level interactive illustration was developed showing those areas in which resource investment would yield the greatest return.

We miss working with you... you did help us move the ball forward a lot. We have a much better understanding of print quality attributes and their importance.

—marketing manager, a major printer manufacturer

Expert Witness

David R. Spencer is an industry analyst specializing in Digital Color Technology. With some 40 years experience in the industry, he is a recognized authority for his expertise in the areas of print quality, including color management and printing technology, product development, marketing, and general managmement. His extensive knowledge of the printing industry has made him a valuable asset to major manufacturers in the industry as an expert witness.

The jury found that [the non-OEM ink vendor] committed willful false advertising with respect to their meet or exceed performance claims... Congratulations and thanks again.

—counsel of major OEM ink vendor

Print Technology Potential

A Japanese client asked us to provide them with detailed information on a printing technology in which they were considering significant investment. We provided an overview of key companies currently involved in this technology, including market share estimates, distribution channel, pricing structure, and service structure. We provided an in-depth analysis of the technology, including products that had been introduced using the technology, patent issues, competitive advantages of the technology, barriers to its success, and our expectations of this technology's future potential. During a visit to our client's headquarters, we provided further discussion. They subsequently indicated that the report was particularly valuable in supporting their final decision.

Technology Investment Analysis

A flatbed scanner company asked us to evaluate potential acquisition of a slide scanner/color management firm. After evaluating this company's product line, we contacted a number of key customers to discuss their perception of the company's products, technology, distribution, and support. We also analyzed the company's growth projection and their future market potential. The final evaluation was supported by excerpts from the customer interviews. Our client proceeded with the acquisition, and our prediction of product competitiveness and future market penetration was verified over time.

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