Success Stories: R&D Outsourcing

Six-Color Liquid InkJet Screening Quality

A major printer company was in danger of missing a shipment deadline for a six-color liquid inkjet printer because the product was not achieving the required print quality. We were at the client's site within 48 hours, and within another 48 hours performed a product test and analysis. We provided a prioritized list of seven suggested changes to improve the print quality; after the client implemented our first two recommendations, the product reached an acceptable quality level, and the client was able to proceed with a successful launch.

Graphic Arts Color Filter Development

As a special consideration for a previous client, we evaluated the color acquisition characteristics of a graphic arts flatbed scanner. As a result of our negative conclusions, we were asked to redesign the scanner's color filter system. We created our own software development tools and completed the redesign within 90 days. Our successful final design has been maintained through two major product revisions over a four-year period.

Grayscale Uniformity

During competitive product testing against an industry benchmark product, we formed the opinion that the industry benchmark product incorporated an excellent implementation—but of an incorrect goal in grayscale uniformity. After approaching the manufacturer, we were invited to make a presentation to their R&D staff. Our opinion was validated—the next generation of the product incorporated our recommendation.

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