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Monochrome Laser Supplies Comparison

A major printer company requested an evaluation of the performance of their toner cartridges versus third-party competitors, using a newly proposed standard. SpencerLab tested the toner cartridge yield under tight environmental controls over the life of multiple cartridges. A test file was developed specifically for monitoring print quality according to the standard's guidelines, allowing for visual evaluation as well as quantitiative measurement. This was the first time the draft standard test methodology was used in practice and a number of issues arose in interpreting and implementing the standard as drafted. Issues were brought to the client's attention in a timely manner#8212;proposing potential solutions consistent with the spirit of the proposed methodology.

SpencerLab is extremely professional and thorough in their testing and anaysis, often exceeding expectations. They will work closely with you to ensure that their testing meets your particular needs without sacrificing independence. I am thoroughly impressed with their knowledge of the EP process and printing in general and would highly reccomend them...

—product manager for laser printer supplies

That proposed standard was then used as the basis for a ISO/IEC international cartridge yield test standard. SpencerLab was instrumental in furthering its development by becoming a member of the ISO/IEC INCITS committee charged with developing the standard, developing the official electronic test file, and full-compliance testing.

Color Laser Supplies Comparison

Subsequently, we have continued participation in the development of the three proposed standards for color yield—toner cartridge yield, ink cartridge yield, and a common test suite. Our president is co-editor of the three committees.

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Monochrome Laser vs. Color Inkjet—Throughput and Cost-per-Print

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