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Over the years, SpencerLab has conducted countless in-house analyses and managed focus groups studying the consumer, SMB office, enterprise, production, graphic arts, and consumer and professional photography market segments. The outcomes of our studies have perennially underscored this point:

Print Quality must be “over the bar” of acceptability for a user's intended application, or cost, speed, and functionality may not matter.

Over the Bar

SpencerLab understands that the factors that constitute an acceptable print vary from market to market, and from user to user; a print deemed fit-for-purpose in an office environment might be considered totally unsuitable for distribution by a graphic arts production house. Competitive benchmarking analyses, especially in managed focus group environments, can highlight a printing product's strengths and gauge consumer reaction within the marketplace.

We have developed more than one hundred test files (available as part of the SpencerLab Printer Test Suite) for comprehensive analysis of Text, Lines, Tints & Blends, Computer Graphics, Photographic Images, and process artifacts and characteristics of the Printing Architecture & Workflow inclusive of media. Contact us today for more information.

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