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Measuring Manufacturing Productivity IS&T Report

⋅ IS&T – NIP30: Digital Fabrication & Digital Printing Conference - Sept. 7-11 2014 in Philadelphia, PA

Key to Profitable Commercial Printing: Digital Press Availability - Maximizing Actual Production Time

⋅ IMI: Digital Printing 2020 Opportunities & Challenges Symposium - Jan. 30-31, 2012 in Orlando, FL

Are We There Yet? Digital Printing Readiness Debate

⋅ Print 09: Executive Outlook Conference - September 11-16, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois

Can Inkjet Compete with Toner?

⋅ IMI's 12th Annual Toner & Toner Chemicals Conference - May 4-6, 2009 in Chandler, Arizona

New Technologies Challenging the Business Model

⋅ The 2008 LYRA Imaging Symposium - January 28-30, 2008 in Rancho Mirage, California

Ensuring Consistent Color Quality

⋅ On Demand Conference & Exposition - April 17, 2007 in Boston

HP Officejet Pro K5400 Series/L7580 Series AiO Office Laser Comparisons

⋅HP Asia/Pacific Press Tour - March/April 2007 in Thailand, Australia, India and South Korea

"Hues or Lose?" Ig-nitely News Segment

⋅Ignite! Xerox Partner Summit - Feb. 2007 in Orlando

HP Officejet Pro K550 Office Inkjet/Laser Comparisons

⋅HP Asia/Pacific Press Tour - Oct./Nov. 2007 in China, Thailand and India

Printing Efficiency: Impact on Customer Yields and Costs

⋅HP Fuel Efficiency press event - May 2006 in Australia

⋅PrintWatch LIVE: Getting Behind the Print -May 2006 in Singapore, South Korea and China

Color Laser vs. Inkjet Printing

⋅IMI 13th Annual Laser Printing Conference -Jan. 31, 2005 in St. Pete Beach, FL

ElectroPhotographic & Ink Jet Color Cartridge Yield Test Documents

⋅IS&T -October 4, 2003 in New Orleans

ElectroPhotographic Monochrome Cartridge Yield Testing

⋅ IS&T -September 29- October 4, 2002 in San Diego

Monochrome and Color Printer Testing Utility

⋅PC Expo NYC -June 27, 2001

The Need for Standardized Print Quality Testing

⋅IS&T -May 20, 1998 in Portland

New Standards for Printer Evaluation

⋅Seybold -March 18, 1998 in New York

The Democratization of Color – Six Years Later...

⋅Seybold -October 1, 1997 in San Francisco

Color Device–Independence in PostScript Level 2

⋅BIS -Color ‘95 – May 11-12, 1995 in Boston

Color Device–Independence in PostScript Level 2

⋅IS&T -February 6-10, 1995 in San Jose

Print Quality and Performance Testing

⋅BIS -Color ‘94 – May 2-4, 1994 in Boston

Spencer on Color Scanner Performance

⋅Seybold -March 22-24, 1994 in Boston

Spencer on Color Printer Quality Update

⋅Seybold -March 22-24, 1994 in Boston

Digital Color Printer Quality Factors

⋅IS&T - November 1-3, 1993 in Chicago

B&W and Color Printer Quality Factors-Pushing the Technology Frontier

⋅Seybold -October 20-23, 1993 in San Francisco

Color Hardcopy Quality Factors

⋅Seybold -April 13-16, 1993 in Boston

David R. Spencer on Medium Resolution Printers

⋅Seybold -September 22-25, 1992 in San Francisco

Hardcopy Quality Enhancement

⋅BIS -Electronic Printer Conference – December 1991

Hardcopy Quality Enhancement

⋅Seybold -October 1-4, 1991 in San Francisco

Standards: The Democratization of Color

⋅Seybold -March 1991 in Boston

Printed Image Quality

⋅ EPQ (British Computer Society) – April 5-6, 1990 in Canterbury, UK

David Spencer on Medium Resolution Laser Printers

⋅Seybold -March 5-8, 1990 in Boston

Is Good Enough Color a Threat or an Opportunity?

⋅VUE/POINT ‘90 – February 23, 1990 in Philadelphia

New Technologies of the 90’s

⋅NPES Print Outlook ‘90 – December 4-5, 1989

Quality/Application Tradeoffs of Print Quality

⋅BIS - Print Quality Seminar – November 1989

Imaging Color Separation Masters

⋅Lasers in Graphics – September 17-21, 1989

Output Device Image Processing

⋅CEPS ‘89 – May 16-18, 1989 in Chicago

Graphics: Drawing, Image Processing, Output Images

⋅Seybold -September 14-16, 1988 in San Francisco

Beyond Resolution: Comparative Quality Factors

⋅CEPS/Fall – September 1988 in Washington, DC

Page Description Languages

⋅CEPS Japan – April 13, 1988

Image Processing: Printing Better Text, Line Art, Tints &Halftones

⋅Seybold -March 7&11, 1988 in San Francisco

Resolution vs. Quality–High Quality Plain Paper Imagesetting

⋅Lasers in Graphics – September 1987 in Orlando

Quality Variables for Xerographic Output

⋅Seybold -April 13-16, 1987 in Beverly Hills

Languages – The Interface

⋅Electronic Printing Systems – February 1987 in Miami

PDL’s, DDL’s & RIP’s: Implementing Your Requests

⋅Lasers in Graphics – September 1986 in Anaheim

Electronic Printers–High Resolution and Color

⋅Electronic Printing Systems – February 1986 Palm Springs

Production Results for High Resolution ElectroPhotographic Printers

⋅Electronic Printing Systems – May 1985 in Miami


Color Print Quality Analysis; Performance & Ink/Toner Yield Benchmarking

Rochester Institute of Technology – July 2, 2003


Workgroup Color Printers: Making the Choices

⋅Report on Desktop Publishing; July 17, 1995: Vol. 9, No. 11, pp 18-25

Quality Enhanced Laser Printing:

RET, PQET, FinePrint, TurboRes, MultiRes ⋅Report on Desktop Publishing; April 6, 1992: Vol. 6, No. 8, pp 3-18

Output Device Image Processing

⋅Report on Desktop Publishing; January 19, 1989: Vol. 3, No. 5, pp 3-14

Comparative Output Quality Factors

⋅ Report on Desktop Publishing; February 8, 1988: Vol. 2, No. 6, pp 3-17

Output Technologies and High Resolution

⋅ Report on Publishing Systems; February 16, 1987: Vol. 16, No. 11, pp 3-20


CRN to Offer Free Printer-Testing Software

⋅The Hard Copy Supplies Journal; March 2001: Volume 7, No. 3, p 15

Nothing Neutral About Standard RGB

⋅Publish; April 1998

Defining Workgroup Color Printing

⋅IBM; December 1996

Laser-Class Printer Comparison - An Industry Evaluation

(CHQF Test Suite) ⋅Tektronix; March 15, 1996

Postscript Printers Packed with Promise (CHQF Test Suite)

⋅Computer Reseller News; January 8, 1996

Print Quality Pundits Put New Apple Color Laser Writer at Top of the List

⋅The Hard Copy Observer; July 1995: Vol. 5, No. 7, p 51

Quality: An Expert's Critical View

⋅The Hard Copy Observer; October 1994: Vol. 4, No. 10, p 51

ColorSmart Video News Release

⋅February 28, 1994

Revolution in Resolution

⋅Computer Reseller News; February 3, 1992

Color Thermal Wax Printers with Tom Wrona

⋅Computer Reseller News; September 16, 1991

High Speed Integration of Color Seps with PostScript

⋅Intergraph; October 1989

Output Device Languages

⋅Graphic Arts Monthly; June 1986

Typographic Quality Printing on Plain Paper

⋅Graphic Arts Monthly; April 1985

Bit-Plane Encoding of Continuous-Tone Pictures

⋅Computer Processing in Communicatons; April 1969


PQ 2001:Color Print Quality

A CHQF Series Report ⋅Published August 2001

Workgroup Color Printers

A CHQF Special Edition ⋅Revised July 1997

Color Hardcopy Quality Factors IV

Study Report ⋅Published October 1994

Color Hardcopy Quality Factors III

Study Report, Volumes I and II ⋅Published March 1993

Color Printer Market Requirements

a Pseudo-Horizontal Market Study ⋅Published December 1992

Hardcopy Quality Enhancement

in B&W Printing Study Report ⋅Published October 1992

Color Hardcopy Quality Factors, Second Edition

Study Report ⋅Published November 1990

Color Hardcopy Quality Factors

Study Report ⋅ Published June 1990

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