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In the competitive world of digital printing and imaging, differentiating your product from the rest of its class is essential to its success. Soliciting comparative testing by a respected third-party is one of the best ways to lend credibility to performance claims and gain a critical edge in the marketplace.

SpencerLab provides independent, user-oriented, comparative testing services that clearly identify product strengths and limitations.


Unbiased third-party analyses lend measurable credibility to performance claims. Consider the following two statements: which is more compelling?

  • “Our Model X printer is the fastest in its class, and produces quality color prints for pennies per page.”
  • “In an independent study, SpencerLab verified that our Model X printer is the fastest in its class, and produces better quality color prints than Brand A, Brand B, and Brand C at a lower cost-per-print.”

SpencerLab is committed to the unbiased integrity of its methodologies and results. We never publish anything we can't support.


SpencerLab tests user-representative documents within realistic workflows, and presents its research and testing results in clear, non-technical language and graphics that users, potential customers, press and analysts can understand easily.

We have a deep understanding of all market segments—from the home user to the office manager, from the graphic arts professional to the digital press operator.


Every informed purchasing decision involves comparisons between brands and models. Customers often make these decisions based on numbers: dots-per-inch (DPI), pages-per-minute (PPM), the price of the unit and consumables.

However, these numbers often are not produced in a consistent manner from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the quoted numbers may not tell the complete, real-life story.

SpencerLab's comparative studies allow consumers to base their decisions on real-world, apples-to-apples performance results.

Any of our core testing services can be performed within the context of a competitive benchmarking study:

Print & Image Quality, Ease-of-Use, and Functionality can be studied in Focus Groups to gain critical, statistically-significant feedback from consumers.

Great! When do we Square Off?

Competitive benchmarking studies can provide valuable information during all stages of a product's life cycle, from development through launch and mid-life marketing.

  • boxing gloves

    Development Stage: Training for the Main Event

    SpencerLab has participated in many preliminary product design reviews, offering insight into projected competitive environments. All of our testing is done under NDA—without compromising any proprietary information, our unbiased perspective and depth of knowledge can validate product capabilities.

    Launch Stage: Ring the Bell, Come Out Swinging

    Whenever a product is launched, it enters a competitive market segment. In addition to knowing its capabilities and limitations within a user-representative environment, it is necessary to survey and understand the competitive landscape.

    Life Cycle: Keep 'em on the Ropes

    SpencerLab's range of standardized and custom tests and support services can be beneficial throughout a product's life cycle, even extending its life and increasing sales with a mid-life “kicker.”

The market is forever changing—as it does so, it is imperative to keep your product fresh. Compete more effectively by updating your campaign with relevant competitive intelligence, and extend the longevity and portability of your product. Contact us today for more information.

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