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This set of on-site seminar presentations provides a basis for understanding a wide range of issues involved in digital color printing hardware and software—keeping your staff up-to-date.

Color & Print Quality

With our knowledged in color print quality, we are pleased to provide a complete overview of color imaging issues:

  • The Nature of Color
  • Measuring Color
  • Color Management
  • Printer Technology Quality Factors
  • Printer Architecture & Technology

Ink/Toner Yield & Cost-per-Print

As participants in the development and standardization of yield measurement, we are pleased to provide a complete overview of consumable yield issues:

  • ISO/IEC 19752 monochrome toner yield
  • ISO/IEC 19798 and 24711 color ink/toner yield
  • ISO/IEC 24712 color yield test documents

These are important areas considering, user's are concerned with TCO-related Cost-per-Print and potential tradeoffs with Print Quality.

Custom Seminars

SpencerLab is pleased to provide on-site seminars in any area of our expertise.

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