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Ink/Toner Yield & Cost-per-Print

As participants in the development and standardization of yield measurement, we are pleased to provide a complete overview of consumable yield issues: ISO/IEC 19752 monochrome toner yield; ISO/IEC 19798 and 24711 color ink/toner yield; and ISO/IEC 24712 color yield test documents. User's are concerned with TCO-related Cost-per-Print and potential tradeoffs with Print Quality.

  • Monochrome Toner Yield

    (ISO/IEC 19752)

    What is this international standard, and why these alternatives were selected. How the test document is standardized: representing real user documents; digital coverage vs. toner coverage; accounting for grayscale areas. Establishing statistical validity of testing: how many printers and toner cartridges are required; how they are sourced; why environmental controls are required; what statistics are most useful; what vendors must report. Continuous printing. The End-of-Life decision.

    Color Ink/Toner Yield

    (ISO/IEC proposed 19798, 24711, 24712)

    What are these international standards? Color is more than a combination of four individual monochrome toners or inks—do users really care about the technology? The challenges faced and alternatives being considered: how the color test document suite is standardized: representing real user documents; digital coverage vs. ink coverage vs. toner coverage; Under Color Removal; blue coverage areas vs. magenta. Applicability of other elements of the monochrome standard.


    One of the most important components of the Total Cost of Operation (TCO) is the cost of consumables and their yield. While Cost-per-Print is simply the sum of the cost of consumables divided by their yield, is cost List or MSRP or Street prices? Which consumables are included? What is the impact of supplemental color cartridges? Is continuous-measured yield representative of the user? How does Cost-per-Print change with different user documents?

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