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Research in Color Print Quality

SpencerLab's experience has been called upon to conduct primary research in related areas; a few examples of recent projects follow.

  • Color Laser Stability

    SpencerLab studied the variation of color laser print quality in the real world. This assignment involved:

    • Recruiting qualified users
    • Developing custom test files
    • Creating a web-based system for users and administrators
    • Measuring user-printed test pages and statistical analysis of these measurements
    • Compiling of responses from the user questionnaire
    • And Producing management presentations

    Color Mapping Tables

    New color tables have been developed for a new line of photo printers. But does the subjective mapping balance Realism with Richness? Are all memory colors where each market prefers them?

    For this task SpencerLab's experienced staff compared a wide range of prints made with these color tables verse the competition. Prints from revised color tables and the competition were then tested in consumer focus groups, in multiple markets. The product release catapulted the client's product line to a primary position.

    Ink Lightfastness, Waterfastness, Smear Resistance…

    When non-OEM ink claims to meet OEM specifications, SpencerLab measures and explores:

    • Ink Quality Parameters-
      • Lightfastness
      • Waterfastness
      • Smear Resistance
    • Color Print Quality Parameters-
      • Bleed
      • Density

    Findings are presented with graphs and images for ease of comprehension

    Print Quality Demand Growth

    What are user’s demands of increased print quality over the next few years in various color laser and inkjet market segments? In this assignment SpencerLab compares representative printing devices in the client's current portfolio, and develop vectors to indicate the amount of progress required in each attribute. A final presentation is prepared that clearly illustrating the needs and priorities for both marketing and technical audiences. Resource distribution and significant cost savings are a few benefits.

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