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Customer Insights: Priorities for Color Printing

SpencerLab understands the demands, compromises, pain, and tradeoffs facing your customers in their market segment—explore our extensive knowledge of your customer.

  • Enterprise Transition to Color

    Faced with enormous budget requests and little knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the plethora of available color devices, a multi-billion dollar corporation engaged Spencer & Associates to establish a rational transition strategy to color.

    Our staff interviewed key managers in multiple sites throughout the organization and established a matrix of their real needs. Our approach included on-site testing of competitive printers for the highest priority applications, with broad client participation. Issues of location, footprint, network compatability, and security as well as FPOT/throughput and required print quality were successfully accommodated. Client benefits included a long-term strategy and a million-dollar budget reduction.

    Consumer Photographic Print Quality

    Combining quantitative central location testing with moderated qualitative discussion, SpencerLab has conducted research in multiple cities on three continents. We understand what photo print quality consumers prefer—and why. We understand the relative importance of realism and richness, of sharpness and graininess, among different memory colors such as grass, trees, sky, water, and skin tones. We also understand what other barriers consumers face when printing their photos at home, on the web, or at their neighborhood retailer—whether it is media issues, usability, or perceived cost.

    Professional Photographic Print Quality

    SpencerLab has also conducted focus group research with professional photographers and, separately, with prosumers. We understand their unique needs and preferences, as well as their perceptions of their customer's desires.

    Commercial Transition to Digital Press

    From Indigo to iGen3, from digital platemaking to production printing, SpencerLab has advised major players. We understand their customer's needs and what they must do to meet them.

SpencerLab: Influencing the Future of Digital Color

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