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Employing independent, user-oriented, comparative testing in the evolving competitive environment, product strengths and limitations are clearly identified—highlighting competitive advantages in Print Quality, Cost-per-Print, Throughput Speed Performance, and Ease-of-Use to the Corporate User, all within a realistic workflow of representative documents.

Product Benchmarking

We help users understand a product's comparative merits in the key areas, analyzed in a user-representative environment.

If-and only if-our unbiased, independent analysis confirms significant product strengths, SpencerLab will publicly stand behind those results. Test reports, white papers, and other documentation of your product's relative strengths are made freely available to potential users and the general public.

Focus Groups

Print Quality cannot be completely analyzed by purely objective means; while SpencerLab's experts can measure how numerically accurate individual colors are reproduced, determining which colors people prefer—and why—are elusive judgments, inherently subjective. We have managed Print Quality Focus Groups around the world for various manufactures to help them learn and incorporate the characteristics of a color print that users prefer.

Focus Groups can also be structured to provide statistically significant feedback on Ease-of-Use from the Out-of-the-Box experience through Setup, Initial Operation, Functionality, and Fault Correction—all to improve the user's experience.

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