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SpencerLab develops test software to facilitate the evaluation of Print Quality, Throughput Speed, and ink/toner cartridge Yield & Cost-per-Page; combining hand-coded PostScript with key applications, this software has been designed from the ground up to discern real-world capabilities and limitations of products throughout diverse market segments

The SpencerLab/CRN Printer Test Suite

The CRN Test Center has collaborated with the SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory on a suite of printer test files that allow solution providers to prove the value of their expertise and printing solutions to clients.

The SpencerLab/CRN Printer Test Suite includes the same files used in the CRN Test Center's printer reviews. It is specifically designed to demonstrate the Print Quality and Throughput Speed Performance capabilities of any printer, black-and-white or full color. Previously available only to select manufacturers, solution providers can now accurately show the capabilities of those printers from which your customers may choose. Furthermore, the knowledge you will gain from the SpencerLab/CRN Printer Test Suite will improve your ability to tailor the printer solutions you provide.

The SpencerLab/CRN Printer Test Suite enables solution providers to:

  • Prove the value of their printing solutions to clients
  • Prove their expertise to clients
  • Chose the optimal solution for clients
  • Set and meet client expectations
  • Educate a sales force and clients
  • Reduce customer complaints and returns

SpencerLab/CRN PQ Lite Test Suite

Download the free trial version of the SpencerLab/CRN PQ Lite Test Suite (monochrome, 600K).

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