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SpencerLab develops test software to facilitate the evaluation of Print Quality, Throughput Speed, and ink/toner cartridge Yield & Cost-per-Page; combining hand-coded PostScript with key applications, this software has been designed from the ground up to discern real-world capabilities and limitations of products throughout diverse market segments

The HQE (Hardcopy Quality Enhancement) Study Report

Based upon SpencerLab technical evaluations using the HQE Test Suite , this Study Report provide objective, independent product evaluations to users and industry. Created to facilitate print quality analysis of the elements of resolution—especially the subtleties of addressability and spot size as processed in RIPs as well as in print engines—each print quality file in this test suite is hand-programmed in the PostScript language in order to provide test precision and take advantage of advanced features. The HQE Test Suite has been licensed to product vendors, OEMs, and large corporate users. Although the specific products evaluated in these reports are no longer current, the training value of the analyses and discussion remains quite high. Limited quantities of these reports are available—contact us for further information.

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