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Document Print Quality

Document Print Quality is even more complex in that it can contain Text, Line Work, Tints and Blends, and Computer Graphics as well as Photographic Images. Again, we can measure how accurately individual colors are reproduced, but determining which prints people prefer, and why, are elusive, subjective judgments. Print Quality must be "over the bar" of acceptability for a user's intended application, or cost and speed do not matter.

Focus Groups can also be structured to provide statistically significant user feedback in a variety of other areas; for example, Ease-of-Use from the Out-of-the-Box experience through Setup, Initial Operation, Functionality, and Fault Correction—with support in its various written, on-line, and on-call forms.

Whether to test or confirm competitive advantage—or to preview customer reaction before committing to production and the tough feedback of the marketplace, our special brand of Focus Group Management can yield priceless information.

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