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Application Dependency

Simply put, Software Applications may treat text and graphics differently from each other. Importing a graphic into Microsoft Word usually changes it. Importing a CMYK image into Microsoft PowerPoint will convert it to RGB. Printing text from Adobe Acrobat may be different than printing from the Word document from which it was created.

If you are measuring Text Print Quality or Consumable Yield, for example, some applications will automatically substitute fonts that are almost the same; some may change the inter-letter kerning and inter-word spacing. An application changing margins by itself to fit better on a particuler printing device may cause the number of pages to change, significantly changing the Throughput Speed Performance.

The software application(s) used to benchmark Print Quality, Throughput Speed Performance, Consumable Yield/Cost-per-Print, and Ease-of-Use should be carefully selected to properly represent the anticipated user environment. Any poential differences should be pointed out so that their implications can be clearly understood by potential users.

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